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Cory Schubert: Cory began investing in real estate on April 23, 2007, a month after his 21st birthday. He purchased a run-down duplex as a primary residence, renovated each unit, and then rented out half to pay for expenses. Cory purchased another property a year later and moved out. After seeing the excitement from the new tenants, he was hooked on being a landlord and started the property management company Rentals Properties LLC.

Aside from real estate, Cory is still balancing a daily job as a Parts Manager for Master Fleet LLC, a semi-tractor and trailer maintenance provider. He enjoys the energy rush he gets from finding creative solutions to difficult problems in this fast paced environment, and getting these mobile assets back on the road as quickly as possible.

Cory believes that progress toward a worthy cause is the key to a successful life. He is also an enthusiastic believer in continuous improvement and applied knowledge. From 2014-2018 Cory has attended Fox Valley Technical College and will be receiving multiple Associate’s Degrees in Business Administration & Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing/Marketing Management. During his time at FVTC he has earned a 3.989 GPA, earned 6 certifications, and made Dean’s list repetitively. He is also a member of the honors society Phi Theta Kappa. Cory has also studied many real estate programs and attended seminars and training held by gurus such as: Robert Kiyosauki, Grant Cardone, Than Merril, Scott Yancey, etc. Every course and seminar suggests joining your local Real Estate Investors Association to help implement the education.

Cory’s strongest motivation is his family. He is married to his wife Morgan, who left her job in 2015 to be a stay-at-home mom to their two daughters. In his free time, Cory enjoys shared experiences with his family and friends while fishing, biking, boating, playing sports, and loving everyday.

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