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Joe Gracyalny (WiscoREIA Green Bay Host): Joe is a real estate investor in the Green Bay/Fox Valley area. He has partnerships with other investors, as well as his own projects and views investing as a team activity. He specializes in underperforming small multifamily projects.

Joe has a passion for education and helping young investors. He was a teacher and coach in Dubuque, IA before moving back to his Wisconsin roots. As a teacher, he added a few rentals in the Green Bay area, and recognized the opportunity in real estate. He took the leap and hasn’t looked back. WiscoREIA provides the opportunity for him to be able to scratch that educator itch, as well as learn from the many people in the room. Hosting the Green Bay location has been a blast!

Joe got his first project under contract in 2018 with his brother Kevin and has been growing ever since. Currently, at 50+ doors, as well as some wholesale deals, and flips under his belt. He credits specializing to some of his success, but continues to learn more every day.

In 2023 Joe launched Duplex University where you can find tools, templates, a weekly newsletter, with more to come, all 100% free to investors. Find Joe on: duplexuniversity.com - Instagram @ duplex_joe - Twitter @ realduplexjoe or at WiscoREIA Green Bay on the first Tuesday of every month!

2065 American Dr, Suite A Neenah, WI 54956

‪For inquiries, please send a message to Francesca Jonker-Miranda, WiscoREIA Executive Director
(608) 616-5277‬‬ • membersupport@wiscoreia.com

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