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Ashley Furmanek. Ashley is a full-time real estate investor and got her start in real estate investing in 2012. Ashley has been involved in many real estate transactions, including fixing and flipping, wholesaling, lending, single family rentals, multi-family rentals, and storge units. She likes to focus on long term holds and wealth building, using OPM or creative financing.

Ashley has a passion for discussing real estate and helping others understand how anyone can use real estate to build wealth or become financially free. She is always available to help answer questions, discuss prospective deals or scenarios. Ashley spends the rest of her time being a wife and a full-time mom to two beautiful little girls that get to accompany her to many rentals, showings and "help" her with paperwork!

WiscoREIA PO Box 961, Eau Claire, WI 54702

‪For inquiries, please send a message to Francesca Jonker-Miranda, WiscoREIA Executive Director
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