Ashley Lang. Ashley, originally from Pardeeville, WI, resides with her family in Wausau, WI. Ashley has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At a very young age, she was the girl always selling. She had lemonade stands, held local community car washes and helped her mother with her home interiors business. She enjoyed meeting and talking to people at a very young age and that still holds true today.

After getting a business degree in college, Ashley fell in love with health and fitness. She managed several different workout facilities and even opened her own CrossFit gym in 2009. She also opened several CBD stores in 2018. Her passion for health still resides strongly today and she enjoys coaching clients on the side.

Ashley met her now boyfriend Buck in 2013 and they had their son Korbin a few years later. They are a very close family who loves to travel! They homeschool their son Korbin and try to include him in their business whenever possible. They have a goal to help him purchase his first rental property before he’s 10.

Ashley’s father is a general contractor. Growing up in that environment really began her love for real estate and design. She helped her dad build several houses, went with him to job sites and meetings with clients and also helped her mom with designing the finishes. Finally, in 2017, Ashley talked her boyfriend Buck into house hacking a duplex and that was the beginning of Clear Trail Properties. Ashley and Buck have since grown Clear Trail Properties to over 30 units, which consists of SF, MF and a very successful vacation rental business. They also run a successful house flipping business on the side as well.

Out of everything Ashley does in real estate, her true passion lies in the vacation rental side of her business. She loves making people happy and she especially loves designing and laying out her spaces while keeping the guests needs in mind. Ashley aspires to be a vacation rental mentor or coach and envisions herself traveling around to speak about the vacation rental industry to other investors like herself.

Ashley loves helping people and is always willing to chat about all things real estate or health.

2065 American Dr, Suite A Neenah, WI 54956

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