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WiscoREIA Green Bay: Delegating and Building Your Investing Team!

  • 1 Feb 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • The Lyric Room


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Delegating and Building Your Investing Team!

A successful investor surrounds themselves with a great team. It is vital to have smart, diverse, and driven people to help you with the different areas of investing. Building a great team can seem daunting, but it’s incredibly important at any stage of the game. Once you have determined you niche, market, and investing strategy, you will need to fill many roles including:

  • Accountant/Bookkeeper
  • Investor Friendly Agent
  • Contractors
  • Property Manager
  • Lead Generator
  • Financial Lender

Many entrepreneurs in the real estate sector try to do everything themselves, but that's often what holds them back. People are often the solution to most of the problems that arise and tasks that need to be completed. Being able to delegate and worth through these will give your business: VELOCITY!

Some questions:

  • What roll(s) are you good at?
  • What roll(s) are tiresome and heavy for you?
  • How can you create more time by delegating?

Answering questions like these and filling the holes, will likely help your business explode! The great thing about real estate is there are often many solutions and different paths you can take. You can hire these out, have preferred contacts, partner/JV, or bring on an employee.

Your return on relationships could be what helps your investing career explode in 2022!

Speaker: Jason Lund

Jason Lund

Jason is a real estate entrepreneur, coach, mentor and REIA partner. Jason is a partner at WiscoREIA, a real estate investor association, and a founder of DoYouNeedToSellFast.com, a real estate investment firm offering multiple investing strategies.

Jason has also founded a Coaching and Mentoring Group to educate individuals and families on how to grow their real estate investing business and how to manage life's tasks. Jason began his real estate journey in 2010 at the age of 30 with the purchase of a single family home in Green Bay, Wisconsin to buy, fix and sell.

He has flipped and wholesaled 100+ homes and has become a premier property investment firm in Northeast Wisconsin. Buying, fixing and flipping single family properties has always been Jason's preferred investing strategy, he has amassed multiple Rent-to-Own properties.

He has also successfully completed several short sale negotiations. Through his experience with real estate investing, Jason finds under performing properties with high potential and transforms them into quality homes. Creating win-win situations for all involved by providing his investors and clients secure and hassle free returns, and new homeowners with safe and quality properties they can call home.

He has also developed a solid management system that allows both himself and his clients to remotely oversee the successfully management of their investment property regardless of its location. Jason is currently focusing on different U.S. markets with a vision of single-family fix-and-flips, as well as long-term hold of multi-residential properties for lasting cash-flow.

Important Notice:

This meeting will be at The Lyric Room. Please enjoy food, drinks, and TIP YOUR SERVERS!

Additional Meeting Information:

6:30 pm to 7:00 pm - Check-In & Networking with investors and sponsors

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Speaker Presentation

This meeting will be at The Lyric Room. Please enjoy food, drinks, and TIP YOUR SERVERS!

Meeting Location:

The Lyric Room

231 N Broadway

Green Bay, WI 54303

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